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Once reserved for Hollywood movies, AI and smart technology are increasingly entering our everyday lives—from voice assistants to home energy monitors to facial recognition. AI and machine learning are even starting to “smart compose” our emails, texts, and other forms of digital communication in an effort to speed up our writing process.

How can AI do the same for the editing and proofreading process, especially for professional copyediting and high-level research writing?

Increasing editing productivity can seem impossible. As an editor, you can only read so many words while absorbing all the necessary content and composition information. If you are working on someone else’s writing, you risk glossing over something vital if editing too quickly. If it’s your own writing, missing an error once means that chances are good you will miss it again if working at speed. As big deadlines loom, even the most basic errors can start to creep in.

This is where AI-powered editing apps like Scribendi AI stand to really change the game. Harnessing the unprecedented potential of machine learning, these apps can enhance the editing process by

Editing tasks

Together, these new AI-led tools can increase editing productivity in plenty of ways while helping you become a better editor.

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How Do Editing Apps Work?

The new wave of AI editing apps use powerful natural language processing algorithms to analyze enormous numbers of words and “learn” what is expected of a high standard of writing, whether it’s style, spelling, punctuation, or grammar. This is known as “training” the AI model: In the same way that we continuously develop as editors by working on more and more projects, editing apps go through their own training on millions of words at a time.

For example, Scribendi AI has been trained on a dataset of over a billion words and more than 30 million sentences written in English. That makes it the most sophisticated grammatical error correction tool on the market today.

How Can Editing Apps That Check Grammar and Punctuation Increase Productivity?

As an editor, you probably already use a number of digital tools as part of your day-to-day workflow. Perhaps you use a Pomodoro timer so that you work in short, productive sprints while taking those all-important breaks from your screen. Maybe you have an app on your smartphone or wearable device that alerts you when you’ve been sitting at your desk too long and need to stretch.

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By taking care of the majority of the grammatical error correction (GEC) work for you, using a tool like Scribendi AI can also free up your time to focus on the more enjoyable elements of your craft.

Rather than the machines taking over, humans and apps are working together in perfect harmony. Here are some examples of how AI can support the editing process:

1. Fewer repetitive corrections

As an editor, you’ll be used to making the same edits over and over again. With AI on hand to catch those for you, you can remove all that manual labor and cut down on your editing time significantly.

2. Less human error

The AI acts as an editing safety net, ensuring that errors don’t fall through the cracks. That means one less thing to worry about in the run-up to delivery or submission. The most powerful editing apps will also be smart enough to offer multifaceted suggestions that take the contextual aspects of the writing into account.

3. More concise writing

Even the best writers and researchers can be guilty of overwriting at times. Smart editing apps offer an unbiased way to suggest more succinct and better-constructed sentences. They can also be used to avoid repetition, redundancy, or unnecessary complexity, making the end product far easier to read and understand.

4. Learn as you go

The beauty of AI is that the more you use these editing apps, the more you you’ll be able to pinpoint specific errors yourself. For your own writing, these tools can provide you with insightful feedback, empowering you to become a stronger writer.

5. Greater consistency in editing practice

Especially for longer documents, smart editing apps ensure that you’re being consistent throughout. For example, Scribendi AI is clever enough to recognize the differences among US, UK, Canadian, and Australian English, as well as the level of formality and the use of certain style constructs such as serial commas.

How can Scribendi AI boost your editing productivity?

We have proven that Scribendi AI offers more accurate editing suggestions than other GEC tools on the market. In addition, 85% of Scribendi AI users have reported an increase in their overall editing speed.

Scribendi AI uses more than the typical language-processing protocol. Unlike many other editing apps, it uses deep learning—an advanced subfield of machine learning—that more accurately mirrors the workings of the human brain.

Our app is backed by over 20 years at the forefront of English editing and proofreading for academic, business, and publishing clients. Our experience in editing is worldwide, too, so Scribendi AI gives you the option to select American, British, Canadian, or Australian English for your editing projects, along with a host of other useful features.

Ready to take your editing productivity to the next level?

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