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Simple to use, yet powerful and flexible indexing software for professionals.

CINDEX is the foremost software tool for professional indexers, enabling them to produce the finest indexes in virtually any format with remarkable efficiency and speed. Available for Windows and Mac.

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CINDEX Overview

CINDEX is a uniquely capable program for preparing indexes for books, newspapers, and other periodical publications. It offers the professional indexer unmatched features and ease of use. You can also use it to prepare glossaries or to create subject authority lists based on existing indexes.

CINDEX does not replace you as the indexer but supports you through a host of features that greatly simplify index preparation and enables you to produce the finest indexes in virtually any format. CINDEX performs the operations you would expect, effortlessly and unobtrusively. It handles all the time-consuming steps, such as sorting, checking cross-references, and formatting, freeing you to concentrate on the facts and ideas developed in the text.

Major publishers use CINDEX for indexing in-house and editing and formatting indexes from outside sources. CINDEX is indispensable to freelance indexers—its flexibility and formatting options deliver indexes to suit the requirements of almost any publisher—and it also provides the features librarians need for indexing newspapers and special collections.

CINDEX is available for both Windows and Mac. For answers to common questions, read through our FAQ.


Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of CINDEX is available for Windows and Mac. For more information on what it can do, see the list of CINDEX features.

Publishers' Edition

The Publishers’ Edition of CINDEX is available for Windows and offers all the features and capabilities of the Standard Edition plus the following unique features designed to ease the management of complex indexing projects in a networked environment.

Distinctive Features

  • Application programming interface allows other programs to execute CINDEX commands and retrieve data from CINDEX.
  • Print identifying marks beside labeled records.
  • Encode unprintable characters in markup tags.
  • Special encoding of font names in markup tags.
  • User-selectable default folders for different kinds of CINDEX documents.
  • Special options for easy management of style sheets and index templates.
  • Concurrent access to indexes by multiple users (subject to administrator permissions).
  • Multiple instances of CINDEX can run concurrently.

Administrative Services

  • CINDEX can be configured by an administrator to require a user to enter an identifier before being allowed access to documents; the user-identifier can be checked against a list of authorized users.
  • An administrator with suitable privileges can control where CINDEX saves and looks for files, and whether other users can change access settings.
  • The administrator can control whether a user can modify indexes or merely examine them and can control whether multiple users can have concurrent access to a single index.

Student Edition

For beginning indexers, we offer a Student Edition that behaves identically to the Standard Edition (minus the spell-checking feature), with files limited to 500 records each. The cost of the Student Edition may be applied toward any subsequent purchase of the Standard Edition.

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