CINDEX™ v.4 Demo version – What to Expect
The demo is not a  “walk-through,” but rather a fully-functional version of the program.  It is, however, restricted to 100 records in each index file you create. With students in mind we also have a Student Edition ($79) that has an increased capacity of 500 records/index file. The full version is essentially unlimited in its capacity.

When you install the Demo it opens and is ready for work. Create an index document at FileMenu/New and add your first record with Edit Menu/New Record (Mac: Command K, Windows: Control K).

We recommend that you peruse the first 4 chapters (approx. 75 pages, full of illustrations) of the User’s Guide, the PDF of which is also included with the installer package, or which can be downloaded separately.

You may also wish to go onto YouTube and look at our “Getting Started” videos. Simply enter “Cindex” and “tutorial” into the search box. These are demonstrated on the PC version, but the record interface is the same between platforms. However, Mac users should substitute “Command” each time you hear or see “Control.”